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Brendan Lea Workshop
6:00 PM18:00

Brendan Lea Workshop

Brendan will present us with a variety of exercise drills designed to develop our relaxation skills. This workshop will help both beginners and advanced students of any art to improve their understanding of weight transfer, balance, using effortless power and how to be a body. 

Brendan uses humor and warmth to take others on the journey that is Cheng Hsin.  Regardless of where you are starting, or the discipline you are working with (martial arts, or some other area such as playing a sport, or even music), there is something here for you to help you do it better.

Cheng Hsin which was created by Peter Ralston is a seminal study of mind, movement, function and effectiveness.  Through a thorough study and practice on the principles put forth in Cheng Hsin, one can become more grounded and more efficient in most any physical and mental activity.

Brendan Lea is a long time practitioner of Cheng Hsin, beginning with his introduction at the Rochester T’ai Chi Ch’uan Center and continuing through his multi-year apprenticeship working directly and intensely with Peter at his residence in Texas.  He has risen to become one of only ten level 4 Cheng Hsin practitioners in the world.

Brendan returns to Rochester to help people learn about the “how” of Cheng Hsin and its benefits not only in the martial area, but in a surprising number of areas.  He shows how and helps others find out how to make grounding, balance, relaxation and being present in the moment real activities. This provides a base to work from in improving how one moves and even how one thinks.

 Come join Brendan in this informative workshop at the T’ai Chi Center.

For more info contact John at Tel: 585-760-4779 (M)

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1:00 PM13:00

Ed Matthews Workshop

  • Rochester Tai Chi Chuan Center (map)
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Grounding & Weight Transfer Fundamentals.

The T’ai Chi classics say that T’ai Chi is rooted in the feet, developed in the legs and directed by the waist, and this will be what Ed Matthews will be working on under the umbrella topic of grounding and weight shifting.  Developing a proficiency in these areas leads to better balance, deeper relaxation, and more effective (and therefore more effortless) use of one’s body.

There is absolutely no prerequisite,  although Ed may reference the first five or six movements of Grandmaster Chen’s form. 

Many people who have invested time in T'ai Chi are aware  of how important  it is to learn the proper use  of legs, and weight shifting for the delivery of  forceful techniques ( often referred to as boxing, but applicable to many types of motion).

The workshop itself will be arranged in three one hour sessions:

  • 1:00PM:
  • 2:15PM
  • 3:30PM

While each one hour session may be taken independently, the maximum benefit is obtained by attending the whole workshop.

*Knowledge of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, while a plus, is not necessary.

For more information contact John at  or 585-760-4799 (C)

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2:00 PM14:00

Liangong [18 Therapies] Workshop

Liangong   ( 18 Therapies )

Refinement Workshop

With Bob Hall

The RTCCC has used the “18 Therapies” (Liangong) for many years as part of the warm-up exercises during tai chi classes.  This workshop will allow an exploration of the 18 exercises in greater detail than is possible during our regular classes.  Proper form, the coordination of movement and breathing, and the development of “internal stretch” will be emphasized.   Pointers for daily practice will be offered.

 The workshop is free to RTCCC students.  The fee for non-students is $15.  Non-students must sign a waiver. 

 Pre-registration is not required, but if you are at the Center, please use the sign-up sheet.

 It is recommended that you wear shoes with rubber soles, not cotton slippers, to better maintain the proper postures.

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