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Liangong with Gerald Sharp

Liangong in 18 Forms was developed by Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming in the 1970s, in a Shanghai Hospital, when he tested traditional Liangong and Chi Kung exercises on over 10,000 patients who suffered from acute pain. His testing led him to modify these exercises to achieve maximum benefit, ultimately creating three series of exercises (54 in all), to enhance spinal engagement, address arthritis and osteoporosis, and improve respiration and overall health and fitness. Students will be exposed to Series One, or the first 18 exercises, for strengthening and encouraging flexibility in the neck, shoulders, back, legs, ankles, and feet. We will learn Liangong’s unique breathing methods for both increasing oxygen in the blood and strengthening the posture. Within each exercise, specific “target areas” will be identified, and students will learn how to encourage buoyancy for the purpose of creating an “internal stretch.” Participants may feel a greater sense of flexibility in the joints and in the elasticity of the synovial layer, as well as an increased flow of chi.  
 Cost: $15 for one hour $25 for both hours, with pre-registration

For further information, call the RTCCC  (585) 461-0130, or contact Bob Hall at:   or   585-271-6972

Gerald A. Sharp was a personal student of Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming, who certified him to teach all three series of Liangong. In addition to teaching Liangong for many years, Gerald also compiled the published works of Dr. Zhuang into a book in English, “Liangong, the Complete Book,” and compiled and provided English instructions for a matching video series, which features Dr. Zhuang and his son, Zhuang Jian Shen. Gerald has an extensive background in Asian and Western martial arts and related disciplines, and is certified by Dr. Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua in Wu Style T’ai Chi, as well as by Zou Shuxian, Jiang Rong Qiao’s daughter, in Bagua and Xingyi. 

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