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Please read the following information before signing:

  • Payment is due upon registration.
  • Use one form per person.
  • Please include home and/or cell phone number along with an email address.
  • RTCCC reserves the right to cancel a scheduled class with notice or due to unforeseen circumstances.  Some Saturday and Sunday classes may be superseded by workshops and/or other RTCCC activities.
  • When multiple class times are available, students are encouraged to attend class more than once per week at no extra charge.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable with the following exception: If a course is cancelled or filled, the registration fee will be refunded or credited toward a future course at your request.


$100  - Introductory, First Time Beginner’s T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Wm. Chen Short Form, 1-20)

$125  - All other classes, including repeated Beginner’s T’ai Chi Ch’uan classes

After registering, to pay on line go to our Shop [upper right corner] or click on PAY ONLINE button and select either Introductory-First Time Students or Normal Ten Week Classes.  Or you can pay at the center with check or cash.


  • All courses are taught in ten-week sessions
  • Family Discount:  1st person pays full price; 15% discount applies to 2nd, 3rd person, etc.  (Discount does not apply to First Time Beginner’s T’ai Chi Ch’uan)
  • Health Insurance:  Discounts may apply for various providers.  Please check with your personal health care provider to see if RTCCC classes qualify for reimbursement.
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